The Urban Bhelpuri

Like Bhelpuri, the city has a number of ingredients, and like the city, this blog has a number of contributors. Now, experiencing the city is very much like having Bhelpuri – every person tastes the city in her/his own particular style –  some elements are tangy for some but bland for others; sweet for some but bitter for others. But on the whole it makes a great snack!!

The contributors to this blog have two things in common – (i) they are volunteering for the ‘Centre for Contemporary Urbanism’ in some capacity and, (ii) each one of them feels strongly about the urban environment and would like to help make it better.

Thus, this Bhelpuri blog is a mix of all our ideas and experiences of the city for consumption of all who are interested in the city and its associated elements. We hope that it would be good food for thought for our readers – and in some way contribute towards knowing our cities better… and loving them more.

(If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer to share your perceptions of urban life and cities – please write to us at )DSC01728


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